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PTFE V Ring Seals

We supply ptfe seals including ptfe sealing lip for oil seals,ptfe o rings,ptfe v rings, spring–energized ptfe seals for both rod and piston applications.

PTFE seals is widely used in oil and gas valve, hydraulic, aerospace, low and high temperature application, medical equipment, and sealing systems that demand extreme chemical resistance. We can also specially design it to be used for sterilization, clean-rooms and ultra-high vacuum purposes.

 At first we begin to supply ptfe sealing lip to assemble for our oil seals and rotary shaft seals, Afterwards we supply other ptfe seals and parts. now we can produce a variety of ptfe products .

PTFE Sealing Lip
Special ptfe compounds with excellent resistance to wear and a good sealing action have specially developed for oil seals with ptfe sealing lips. ptfe sealing lips are ptfe compound discs that are mechanically formed to a diameter slightly smaller than the shaft.

PTFE O Ring Seal
Our ptfe O rings are produced with 100% virgin ptfe and fabricated to extremely close tolerances and to the highest industry and military specifications.ptfe O rings is an ideal solution for sealing applications where there are high temperatures and corrosive liquids or gases involved. We  offers a wide range of standard, custom and metric sizes produced in Virgin grade and reinforced fillers such as glass, carbon, graphite and bronze. ptfe rings are available up to 15" in outer-diameter.

Spring–energized PTFE Seals
The spring–energized ptfe seals are recommended for sealing in extreme operating conditions of temperature, speed and chemical. it also called  Piston & Rod seals are used in hydraulic and pneumatic systems It consists of a ptfe U-shaped profile ring energized by a spring.  The finger spring can be a stainless steel V-spring (meander spring) or canted coil spring. We can make this type of ptfe seal using pure ptfe, ptfe carbon, ptfe graphite, ptfe bronze or ptfe glass .                            


Is the ptfe seals you are looking for? If you are unsure what types of ptfe parts is best for your application then you can contact us for consult.we also supply PTFE products such as PTFE fitting, PTFE bush.

If you can't find what you are looking for, or require a special design of ptfe seals in specific performance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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