Rubber Gaskets and Washers

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Rubber Gaskets and Washers

We supplys custom rubber gaskets and washers with molding and cutting of manufacturing technology, for a wide range of industries, such as pipe, valve, flange,plumbing,coupling lighting,roofing,water heater, fastener, sanitary,ect.

And we can supply gaskets and washers in many types,such as flat,split,lock,star or other complex types with size from 5mm to 1000mm in out-diameter.

We provide different high grade stardard rubber compound for your choice,they were compounded by ourself,and  if you need special unique rubber material,such as Aflas,FFKM,HNBR,we also can supply them.

We have knowledgeable technical engineer responsible for rubber gaskets and washers to assist you with your product development,they can provide the best technical advice possible. we also guarantee low tooling cost,competitve product price and the delivery time.


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