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ERM Rubber supplys custom rubber seals for both static and dynamic applications in a wide range of industries, such as pumps, flange,food,automotive, compressors, electronic, and telecommunications .

Custom rubber seals can be designed and supplyd according to customer's drawings or samples, and also we can supply rubber to metal bonded seals, rubber to plastic bonded seals, and other material bonded rubber seals.

o-rings is one of the simplest, but most stable and cheapest rubber seals,it is acted as a static seal or gasket,it is most commonly used throughout the all industrial application. we supply cusom o-ring including other shape such as quad ring, X-ring, V-ring. and also we supply standard o-ring,such as AS568,JIS we have thousands of sizes,and most of them are in stock to meet customer's demands of quick delivery.Besides we supply o-ring kits in metric and inch sizes

We have precise tooling and experienced of deflashing process to ensure all of our rubber seals and o-rings are quality and flashless.

We used high grade stardard of rubber compound to meet ASTM,FDA,NSF,also if you need specific requirements in machenical  and chemical perfomance,we can custom it exactly.

We Guarantee :

• Very low tooling charge for custom seals

• No tooling charge,if the value of order is more than one thousand US Dollar.
• Consistently high level of quality 
• Very competitive price,lower than all china supplyr

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