ERM RUBBER CO.,LTD was founded in Ningbo city in the year 2008, we are manufacturer specialized in different molding rubber products, covering products of oil seals,o rings, valve stem seals, rubber gaskets, and rubber washers . We can provide wide range of material including silicone rubber, natural rubber, fluoroelastomers(Viton,FKM,FPM), nitrile(NBR), EPDM,SBR,neoprene, ACM,and fluorosilicone.

Besides we have cooperated factories in Ningbo, manufacturing PTFE/Teflon products including ptfe seals,ptfe gasket,ptfe washer, made from virgin PTFE/Teflon or filled PTFE like Carbon, Glass, Bronze, Graphite. They are used for laboratory, hydraulic ,oil seal lip,valve,and other industrial application.

And we also have sub-company in Ningbo, manufacturing rubber products have full production facilities including compression molding machines, metal case puncher, rubber mixer(open mill mixer and internal mixer), CNC machine, and laboratory equipment including Optical vision measuring, Tensile tester, Oil seal tester, Aging tester, Oil seal radial force tester. All of our  processes are controlled to ISO 9001:2008 standards.

With near 10 years growth, we have established good relationship with local suppliers, and also we have established experienced quality team responsible for every order.                   

We serve a large number of customers in a variety of industries, our clients are in many countries including US,Russian,Turkey,Brazil,Argentina. they are the most important part of our continual development as an organization. It is our aim to provide a quality product with quality service whilst keeping product costs to a minimum and remaining globally competitive.

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