Industry & Application

ERM rubber have a wide range of sealing products such as oil seals,o rings, valve stem seals, flange gasket, seal kits ,which had been covered and applied to many industries, such as  energy, oil,mining,marine,food,and various other industries. we have many different rubber compounds used for different application, waterproof, oil sealing, high temperature,corrosion protection, and other engineered applications. With 20 years experience in the different rubber products for different industry, we continue to provide a diverse range of standard and custom supplyd products.
Water & Hydraulic
We have full ranges of waterproof products and sealing solutions for water power applications ,we offers both standard and customized rubber seals,The seals includes oil seals,wiper seals as well as O-rings and back-up rings.
Wind Energy
  We serve some companies who engaged in wind energy, we supply high quality shaft seals and other rubber components used in wind power generator in many types and sizes. our rubber products are available in a multitude of materials to provide optimal compatibility with the various energy encountered in service.
Oil & Gas
We provide high quality gasket and seals for offshore or onshore oil gas industry for many years. as well as couplings gasket,rubber fittings and valves seals, to meet a variety of project needs in the mining industry.
  We have more than 10 years of experience manufacturing oil seals,o ring,seal kits used in mining  equipment, Currently  they are mainly sold to aftermarket, however they earn good reputation from our agents in many countries.
  We mainly suppy rubber fender and extrusion seals for marine industry,we have a wide range of extrusions available for general sealing requirements throughout the boat,also we can provide boat safety products like rubber bumps, Column Guards, dock bumpers.
  Suministramos componentes como la junta de goma, sellos de eje a los fabricantes y cadenas de montaje, de servicio pesado o máquina de precisión. En particular, nuestros juntas tóricas y sellos de aceite servir a un gran número de equipos de fabricación.
Food & Beverages
  We understand that there are special requirements for this industry. For this purpose we have clean room specially to supply non-toxic silicone seals,tubing,gasket,and other parts. All of our material for this industry are certificated by FDA.
Chemical & Petrochemical
  Some products such as o rings,oil seals,gasket, seals used in chemical industry need a special chemical resistant material,we are familiar with every rubber compounds,and we designed many compounds with unique performance to be suit to many complicated chemical fluids.Our PTFE gasket is good used in chemical industry.
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