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Oil seals and valve stem seal

Oil seals is commonly described as an shaft seal or lip seal.used for preventing oil leakage or other fluids leakage, it have many design,different design used in different application, for example double lip oil seals also can prevent dust also.

We have twenty years of experience of manufacturing oil seals including double lip oil seals,valve stem seals, rotary shaft seals, bearing cap oil seals, crankshaft oil seals,ptfe lip shaft seals, they are widely used in wheel hub,engine, transmission,joint,gear box for automotive ,motocycle and other industrial applications such as pump, compressor,hydraulic,textile and agricultural machine. furthermore oil seals can be used in homely electrical motor instruments, such as food processing machine, jucier,coffee maker and garden machine.

We can produce oil seals in many types and designs, such as single lip, double lip, double spring, dual metal case, metal or rubber OD,ect.and these oil seals can be supplied in the materials:Nitrile(NBR),Viton(FKM),ACM,and PTFE.Nitrile oil seals is most commonly used in automotive shaft sealing industry,becuase it has very good resistance to oil and it is cost-effective,Viton oil seals is used for extreme working environment and high speed rotary shaft, because it is can resist most of oil and chemical fluids,also it can resist high temperature.PTFE lip shaft seals is used in several specific types of applications, such as high pressure hydraulic pump and motor and diesel engine crankshaft applications.

Rotary Shaft Seals :We supply a large selection of rotary shaft seal designs ranging from spring loaded, non-spring loaded, viton lip,ptfe lip,metal casings, rubber covered casings as well as several other custom lip and case designs from over 1,000 available tools. We  also supply custom shaft seals per your drawings or samples.

PTFE Shaft Seals :We supply PTFE shaft seals in many types,we have SR,DRL,WR,RL,DR,SR,SR2,SRL series.

Crankshaft Seals:We supply high quality automotive crankshaft oil seals available in many cars and trucks, they have same quality as the OEM original seals,we guarantee they are the best crankshaft seals for replacement .

Valve Stem Seals:We supply high quality valve stem seals available in many cars and motocycles,Two elastomer  for selection:Nitrile and Viton.nitrile is for economical solution and Viton is for high quality solution.


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