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Viton Rubber diaphragm bonded PA66

Our rubber diaphragms can be made from many material, EPDM,FKM,nitrile,neoprene,silicone,viton.they are multi-functional seals used for a wide range of valve to handle various fluids, air, and vacuum sealing and flow requirements. Due to that most of rubber diaphragms works dynamically and works under high pressure, it should meet requirement of  strict mechanical performance and pressure resisatance.our diaphragms is custom-designed and engineered to operate for specific pressures and mechanical requirements, fluid interaction, and dynamic life.

Viton Rubber diaphragm bonded plastic PA66 is used for PCV Valve which is a pressure regulator between crankcase and manifold. and it is made of two parts. plastic support and rubber compound diaphragm. The first step of production is injecting of plastic support, which is made of glass reinforced polyamide(PA66-30GF).This part is produced by injection molding. Second step of production is molding rubber over plastic support. the molding method can be compression molding. this diaphragm made from Viton/FKM can provide extreme mechanical performance and long dynamic life.EPDM Diaphragm and Silicone Diaphragm is used for valve of other industrial application. which is cost-effective.


Is the Rubber diaphragm you are looking for? If you are unsure what rubber compound is best for your application then you can contact us for consult.we also supply other molding rubber parts is Rubber pipe boot,Rubber grommet,Rubber bushing,Rubber bumper,Silicone stopper,Silicone plug and Rubber grip.

If you can't find what you are looking for, or require a special custom molding rubber diaphragm made from specific rubber compound with specific performance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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