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We supply quality precision custom molded rubber parts according to customer's drawings or samples, including diaphragms, bumpers, grommets, bushings, stoppers,plugs,tips, caps,flashings,boots,and other special rubber products,to meet the needs of the transportation,automotive, medical, electrical, agriculture,plumbing and household appliance.

Our rubber molding method can be compression molding and injection molding, they can be used depend on  different structure of rubber products or different quality request. compression molding is widely used for many rubber products, because it is economical and simple, we now have fifteen compression machine,90% of our products are supplyd by this also can be used for supply rubber-metal bonded parts. and Injection molding is an idea process for large quantity and high quality rubber parts, but it is not suitable for large size or bonded rubber parts.

Compression molding: • Rubber diaphragm Rubber feetRubber stopper •  Rubber bushing  •  Rubber pipe boot

Injection molding: • Rubber grommetRubber tip

We have more than ten years of experience in compounding materials such as nitrile,butyl,silicone,EPDM,neoprene and FKM.and we buy other unique material such as Viton,Aflas,HNBR,FFKM  from our certificated vendor. we can provide best quality and widest range of material for customer's selection.   

If you are looking for high-precision, low cost rubber parts in compression or injection molding. ERM is the supplyr to provide such rubber products. You’ll save time and money working with us during the whole production process.

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